Skin Tightening HIFU

What are the side effects of HIFU?
All the side effects of HIFU would subside after a few days so they are all just temporary. One of the most common side effects is swelling on your face. When you see that happening, there is no need to have it treated. You can just wait for it to go away as it will do so on its own. It is possible you may also see some redness there too. You don’t need to get worried about that too so there won’t be any need to put anything on it. All you need to do is to wait for it to go away. If the redness is noticeable then you don’t need to go out of the house.

How long does HIFU last?
The results of skin tightening HIFU last only two to three months not like clatuu fat freezing. The collagen will settle on the skin and you will immediately notice the drastic effects. Whether you will have it done again after that is completely after you. It would be better to ask the doctor and ask her for recommendations. It is amazing how long the effects are since the entire procedure will usually just take about an hour. It depends on where you want the HIFU done. If it is the chest part then it will take a lot less than that. It is a different story for the face and neck procedure but that would force skin tightening reputation to go to a different level.

How many HIFU treatments are needed?
Most just need one treatment and the effects on the skin are already noticed. It would really depend on how the body responds to the treatment. It is safe to say we all have different bodies so it is possible some people would require more than one treatment. If someone requires another treatment, it may take some time before another treatment could be done. Another thing that must be considered is the budget because this treatment is not known to be cheap. It depends on where you have it done. If it is in a well-known dermatology clinic then the rates will be high. On the other hand, you can’t expect high rates from a clinic that nobody has ever heard of. However, you are taking a big risk if you are going to get the treatment done there.

Can HIFU cause never damage? Why or why not?
Due to all the things involved in the operation, there is a possibility HIFU can cause never damage. It depends on the capabilities of the dermatologist. Thus, better seek the best one out there. First, check out the reviews on her website to find out if she is more than capable of performing the procedure. After that, check out recommendations from friends if they also underwent the same procedure from her. After all, this is your body we are talking about and you can’t afford any type of damage on it or you may end up spending more than what you imagined.