Salon Equipment Setup Tips

Everyone knows that a good look is its reward. Apart from the fact that a good look distinguishes you outside, it also contributes to your confidence and, by extension, your success in various ventures. We all love a good looking individual and, often, people judge people based on how good or bad they look. With that said, we all know that for most, the essential elements for looking good are the extent of dedication to caring for the hair and the expertise displayed in personal grooming. Often, a dressing added in the mix, but it is mostly the hair and grooming.
Great hair and perfect grooming will always be prerequisite for getting noticed. And this is the reason for the continued increase in the existence of beauty salons and their sustained profitability. People are still going to make a good profit from owning a beauty salon when they:

  • Know all the latest and trending techniques, styles and patterns
  • Are strategically positioned to serve their desired market audience
  • It is quite affordable and comfortable to work with targeted audiences. For you to start and run your beauty salon, there is specific equipment that are important and right. Just like any other business, having the right tools is a considerable factor in determining your success over time. Here, we curate some essential beauty salon equipment you need to have before opening up shop for yourself.

Combs and Brushes
Every different hairstyle has its own set of combs and hairbrushes required for achieving the look, according to a beauty supplies Salon, getting the hair in place and completing the task, generally. Some of these combs and brushes are:

  • Two-tail comb
  • Square brush
  • Round brush
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Paddle brush
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Thermal brush
  • Tail-end comb
  • Rake brush
  • Wide-tooth brush
  • Rake Comb

Supplies for Grooming and Hair Styling
Just as there are different types of combs and brushes for achieving specific hair styling needs and grooming tasks, there are also different supplies for grooming and hair styling. For hairstyling, they are;

  • Kits for multi-styling
  • Diffusers
  • Blow dryers
  • Hair straighteners
  • Hot rollers

And for grooming, they are;

  • Hair clippers,
  • Curling comb
  • Trimming scissors,
  • Hair straighteners
  • Standard and ridged curling iron,
  • Big barrel curler.

Hair Styling or Barber Station or Chair
These two are essential beauty salon equipment that you canNOT have. Consider this: If you run a unisex beauty salon, you will need both a hair styling and barber chair or station. However, if you are focused on men or women beauty salon, you’ll need either of them depending on which you are doing.

This equipment mentioned above is important because they help your clients relax while you work on their hair. The styling chair is often positioned opposite the hairstyling station and makes for easy accessing of other tools. The hair styling station, on its own, usually comes fitted with hairdressing tools such as;

  • Compartments,
  • Mirrors,
  • Drawers,
  • A footrest

Hood Dryers and Hair Steamers
These are important for drying the hair of your client immediately after

  • A head massage,
  • Applying dye on the hair,
  • Relaxing and Shampooing the hair.