Functional Magnetic Stimulation

How does it work?
Functional Magnetic Stimulation works by injecting a pulsed magnetic field into a part of your body. It would help boost the muscles in that part of the body. When you have a part in your body that is not functioning as well as it used to, Functional Magnetic Stimulation is a good solution for that. Also, there is no telling when it will give you the desired results. Of course, you can’t really tell whether this will work or not but there is no harm in trying. Besides, it is possible to work in some bodies and it is also possible it can’t work in somebodies. This is when the immune system of the body will be put into play.

Who is the TESLAChair suitable for?
It is suitable for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, faecal incontinence, lower back pain, and uncontrolled urine leakage. In other words, it is perfect for those who would want their sex organ to function again. Also, it is for those who keep on urine at the wrong time. The TESLAChair is pretty comfortable so anyone can sit on it and get the treatment done. In fact, you may not notice the treatment getting done due to how comfortable the chair feels. While getting the Functional Magnetic Stimulation done, you may want to feel as comfortable as possible so you can welcome all the vibes.

How many treatments do I need and is it safe?
It depends on what the doctor says so better get a check-up done first but they would usually recommend a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10. It is possible you would want to stop the treatments when you already get the desired results. After all, one treatment costs a lot of money and the clinic will pretty much benefit if you get more treatments done on your body. These treatments don’t generally last long either but you will use their equipment so you’re getting your money’s worth. The fact that it takes only 30 minutes to get the entire thing done is pretty much good news. Besides, you won’t have to spend too much time sitting on the TESLAChair. You will need to get it done two to three times a week though. After that, you can say hello to the wonderful results that it will bring to your body.