What is a Body Sculpt class?

Body sculpting is also referred to as core conditioning. It is a non-aerobic and muscle-toning class, which is usually focused on core strength workouts. In most sculpting classes, there is the use of exercise bands, weighing bars, dumbbells, or the combination of all these set of gadgets. It involves performing all the traditional weight-training moves in the form of a class setting.

How many calories do you burn in a body sculpt class?

It isn’t straightforward to estimate the number of calories one can burn during body sculping because it depends on so many factors. It is estimated that the number of calories that one can burn in an hour is approximately 600- 800. This is achieved through tough training and monitoring. It takes serious trainers for one to attain that level. So, the factors that determine the number of calories to be burned during training are; tutors, time taken in an exercise, frequency of the exercise among other factors.

How do you do a body sculpting program?

Having not done any exercise at this level, you are referred to as a beginner, and you must acquire a green card from the doctor before setting off. Same to those who have encountered injuries or undergone surgery. Also, for the women who have not included body sculpting in their routine, will start as beginners.


You don’t require much equipment for body sculpting. You need just a set of hand weights heavy enough so that it can challenge you. You will also need a mat for working out at home and a mirror. Exercise ball or physio balls can also help, and ensure that you work out at the right hight to prevent injuries.


Sculpting can be done anywhere, at the gym, at home, using park branches, or curb in your driveway. Doing it at the fitness centre is of great advantage since you can get access to more machines and standard equipment.


After setting off with a full-body sculpting program, ensure that you work out three to four times a week. You must allow 24 hours of rest between the routines since lifting weights makes your muscles develop micro-tears. During the muscle repair process, this is the time your muscles get stronger. Skip one day in each workout, e.g., Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, so that you give yourself 24 hr rest.


When handling beginner programs, all muscles of the body are targeted either multiple joints(push-ups) exercises or single joints( curl, biceps). Repeat these exercises 10 to 15 times.

When squatting, sit back such that your knees do not go past your toes. Between the wall and the small of your back, place an exercise ball, and squat while holding your hand’s weight.

When doing split squats and lunges, bend with both knees while one of your footsteps forward, forming 90 degrees. And move up and down several times.

  • Do a bridge by Pushing up through your heels with your hips, lie on your back, and engage your abs.
  • Do push-up by placing your hand under your shoulder, and your feet hip-width apart or do it on your knees against the wall, ensure that you keep abs tight.
  • Use a lightweight to do tricep extensions or bicep curls.

With bending your elbow slightly as you lift your hand away from you, do lateral shoulder raise and make sure that you donate hunch your shoulder.

How does the TESLAFormer treatment feel?

The treatment forces the increase in muscle volume and strength, following the relaxes and contraction with each magnetic pulse. When gaining muscles during treatment, you burn fat while your body experiences a natural form sculpt, and you will feel the sensation as if you are in the high intensive workout.

Is there any downtime?

After treatment, patients may experience no or little time since TESLAFormer is non-invasive in and out procedure. Patients are supposed to return to their routine after treatment since the treatment takes only 30 minutes.

Am I the right candidate for TESLAFormer?

Anyone can be a candidate for TESLAFormer provided you want to strengthen your muscles or to tone. For those people who maintain healthy lifestyles and relative fitness, the best results are seen from them.