Australian hair fashion awards in Adelaide Postponed

If you don’t know yet, the Australian hair fashion awards in Adelaide are postponed due to the current COVID-19 situation. But the good thing is, the official gala date has been announced.

It was the first time in the history of 28 years that the AHFA gala 2020 was placed on hold for so long. But by looking at this global pandemic situation, it was indeed a necessary decision.

Understandably, all the prized finalists might be feeling disappointed and frustrated due to the program’s rescheduling. The other reason behind this frustration is the unforeseen distress the pandemic has placed on the entire industry.

But the good thing is, organizers have sensed their talented finalists’ feelings and haven’t taken too long to announce the next dates. Thousands of incredible entries and countless contestants will get relief by this decision of the organizers.

Another good thing about this rescheduling is that the participants will get more time to prepare themselves and brush up on their talents. We can safely say that the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2020 will be a massive hit, for sure!

After considering all the factors and a lot of careful planning, it was decided that the Gala would take place on the 8th of November 2020. The event is going to take place at Luna Park Big Top, Sydney.

One contender that’s receiving some serious hype, a hair salon in Adelaide, is SJ Establishment. Winner or finalist for the past four years running, there’s sure to be some amazing hair designs coming from them.

So, what are you waiting for? Save the date and start preparing for your night. This glorious night will be the night for the entire hairdressing industry to celebrate the achievements and success across all the facets. It’s going to be a great night to recognize the hairdressing industry’s exceptional talents.

Here is another surprise for you, The Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2020 has also announced a new award category, ‘Industry Collection of The Year.’ This award category is for all the collections shot since the beginning of this year, i.e., January 2020. The entries are open now; below are the rules you must comply with:


All the images submitted for AHFA should be brand new. They shouldn’t be published anywhere via any media, personal or business platform. Also, the collection shouldn’t be shared with any other organization or event other than AHFA; it should be unseen.


Hair extensions, wigs, hairpieces, wefts and other accessories are allowed but note that they should be realistic. The judging criterion will be based on the realistic representation of the hair.


The before shot of each model should be submitted in JPG or PNG format in the collection. You can also submit smartphone images, provided that they should be in an acceptable format. Moreover, there is no requirement for the physical prints before shot.


You are free to use male and female models in your collection but make sure that no model should be used more than twice. In this way, you can use three models for a collection of six images.


As per the AHFA guidelines, all the photographs should be submitted in A4 size. All the entries must be printed on A3. The type of papers that can be used is Matte, Glossy and Semi-Gloss. These types of papers suit all lighting conditions.

Moreover, make sure that all the photographs should be submitted in portrait format.


In all communications concerning PR and marketing, the finalist and winners should include their titles alongside their award year.


Note that your submitted collection and the press kits will become the property of the AHFA and hence will not be returned. We recommend keeping the personal copies of your entries with you.


  • 1 x AHFA official cover sheet along with the printed photographs
  • 1 x Model Release Form
  • 1 x AHFA official statutory declaration
  • 1 x photography release form
  • 1 x PR
  • 1 x 3 Page Press Kit ( in a word document)

For more instructions and rules, log in to AHFA/ M Division official website.

Salon Equipment Setup Tips

Everyone knows that a good look is its reward. Apart from the fact that a good look distinguishes you outside, it also contributes to your confidence and, by extension, your success in various ventures. We all love a good looking individual and, often, people judge people based on how good or bad they look. With that said, we all know that for most, the essential elements for looking good are the extent of dedication to caring for the hair and the expertise displayed in personal grooming. Often, a dressing added in the mix, but it is mostly the hair and grooming.
Great hair and perfect grooming will always be prerequisite for getting noticed. And this is the reason for the continued increase in the existence of beauty salons and their sustained profitability. People are still going to make a good profit from owning a beauty salon when they:

  • Know all the latest and trending techniques, styles and patterns
  • Are strategically positioned to serve their desired market audience
  • It is quite affordable and comfortable to work with targeted audiences. For you to start and run your beauty salon, there is specific equipment that are important and right. Just like any other business, having the right tools is a considerable factor in determining your success over time. Here, we curate some essential beauty salon equipment you need to have before opening up shop for yourself.

Combs and Brushes
Every different hairstyle has its own set of combs and hairbrushes required for achieving the look, according to a beauty supplies Salon, getting the hair in place and completing the task, generally. Some of these combs and brushes are:

  • Two-tail comb
  • Square brush
  • Round brush
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Paddle brush
  • Rat-tail comb
  • Thermal brush
  • Tail-end comb
  • Rake brush
  • Wide-tooth brush
  • Rake Comb

Supplies for Grooming and Hair Styling
Just as there are different types of combs and brushes for achieving specific hair styling needs and grooming tasks, there are also different supplies for grooming and hair styling. For hairstyling, they are;

  • Kits for multi-styling
  • Diffusers
  • Blow dryers
  • Hair straighteners
  • Hot rollers

And for grooming, they are;

  • Hair clippers,
  • Curling comb
  • Trimming scissors,
  • Hair straighteners
  • Standard and ridged curling iron,
  • Big barrel curler.

Hair Styling or Barber Station or Chair
These two are essential beauty salon equipment that you canNOT have. Consider this: If you run a unisex beauty salon, you will need both a hair styling and barber chair or station. However, if you are focused on men or women beauty salon, you’ll need either of them depending on which you are doing.

This equipment mentioned above is important because they help your clients relax while you work on their hair. The styling chair is often positioned opposite the hairstyling station and makes for easy accessing of other tools. The hair styling station, on its own, usually comes fitted with hairdressing tools such as;

  • Compartments,
  • Mirrors,
  • Drawers,
  • A footrest

Hood Dryers and Hair Steamers
These are important for drying the hair of your client immediately after

  • A head massage,
  • Applying dye on the hair,
  • Relaxing and Shampooing the hair.

Skin Tightening HIFU

What are the side effects of HIFU?
All the side effects of HIFU would subside after a few days so they are all just temporary. One of the most common side effects is swelling on your face. When you see that happening, there is no need to have it treated. You can just wait for it to go away as it will do so on its own. It is possible you may also see some redness there too. You don’t need to get worried about that too so there won’t be any need to put anything on it. All you need to do is to wait for it to go away. If the redness is noticeable then you don’t need to go out of the house.

How long does HIFU last?
The results of skin tightening HIFU last only two to three months not like clatuu fat freezing. The collagen will settle on the skin and you will immediately notice the drastic effects. Whether you will have it done again after that is completely after you. It would be better to ask the doctor and ask her for recommendations. It is amazing how long the effects are since the entire procedure will usually just take about an hour. It depends on where you want the HIFU done. If it is the chest part then it will take a lot less than that. It is a different story for the face and neck procedure but that would force skin tightening reputation to go to a different level.

How many HIFU treatments are needed?
Most just need one treatment and the effects on the skin are already noticed. It would really depend on how the body responds to the treatment. It is safe to say we all have different bodies so it is possible some people would require more than one treatment. If someone requires another treatment, it may take some time before another treatment could be done. Another thing that must be considered is the budget because this treatment is not known to be cheap. It depends on where you have it done. If it is in a well-known dermatology clinic then the rates will be high. On the other hand, you can’t expect high rates from a clinic that nobody has ever heard of. However, you are taking a big risk if you are going to get the treatment done there.

Can HIFU cause never damage? Why or why not?
Due to all the things involved in the operation, there is a possibility HIFU can cause never damage. It depends on the capabilities of the dermatologist. Thus, better seek the best one out there. First, check out the reviews on her website to find out if she is more than capable of performing the procedure. After that, check out recommendations from friends if they also underwent the same procedure from her. After all, this is your body we are talking about and you can’t afford any type of damage on it or you may end up spending more than what you imagined.

Functional Magnetic Stimulation

How does it work?
Functional Magnetic Stimulation works by injecting a pulsed magnetic field into a part of your body. It would help boost the muscles in that part of the body. When you have a part in your body that is not functioning as well as it used to, Functional Magnetic Stimulation is a good solution for that. Also, there is no telling when it will give you the desired results. Of course, you can’t really tell whether this will work or not but there is no harm in trying. Besides, it is possible to work in some bodies and it is also possible it can’t work in somebodies. This is when the immune system of the body will be put into play.

Who is the TESLAChair suitable for?
It is suitable for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, faecal incontinence, lower back pain, and uncontrolled urine leakage. In other words, it is perfect for those who would want their sex organ to function again. Also, it is for those who keep on urine at the wrong time. The TESLAChair is pretty comfortable so anyone can sit on it and get the treatment done. In fact, you may not notice the treatment getting done due to how comfortable the chair feels. While getting the Functional Magnetic Stimulation done, you may want to feel as comfortable as possible so you can welcome all the vibes.

How many treatments do I need and is it safe?
It depends on what the doctor says so better get a check-up done first but they would usually recommend a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10. It is possible you would want to stop the treatments when you already get the desired results. After all, one treatment costs a lot of money and the clinic will pretty much benefit if you get more treatments done on your body. These treatments don’t generally last long either but you will use their equipment so you’re getting your money’s worth. The fact that it takes only 30 minutes to get the entire thing done is pretty much good news. Besides, you won’t have to spend too much time sitting on the TESLAChair. You will need to get it done two to three times a week though. After that, you can say hello to the wonderful results that it will bring to your body.


What is a Body Sculpt class?

Body sculpting is also referred to as core conditioning. It is a non-aerobic and muscle-toning class, which is usually focused on core strength workouts. In most sculpting classes, there is the use of exercise bands, weighing bars, dumbbells, or the combination of all these set of gadgets. It involves performing all the traditional weight-training moves in the form of a class setting.

How many calories do you burn in a body sculpt class?

It isn’t straightforward to estimate the number of calories one can burn during body sculping because it depends on so many factors. It is estimated that the number of calories that one can burn in an hour is approximately 600- 800. This is achieved through tough training and monitoring. It takes serious trainers for one to attain that level. So, the factors that determine the number of calories to be burned during training are; tutors, time taken in an exercise, frequency of the exercise among other factors.

How do you do a body sculpting program?

Having not done any exercise at this level, you are referred to as a beginner, and you must acquire a green card from the doctor before setting off. Same to those who have encountered injuries or undergone surgery. Also, for the women who have not included body sculpting in their routine, will start as beginners.


You don’t require much equipment for body sculpting. You need just a set of hand weights heavy enough so that it can challenge you. You will also need a mat for working out at home and a mirror. Exercise ball or physio balls can also help, and ensure that you work out at the right hight to prevent injuries.


Sculpting can be done anywhere, at the gym, at home, using park branches, or curb in your driveway. Doing it at the fitness centre is of great advantage since you can get access to more machines and standard equipment.


After setting off with a full-body sculpting program, ensure that you work out three to four times a week. You must allow 24 hours of rest between the routines since lifting weights makes your muscles develop micro-tears. During the muscle repair process, this is the time your muscles get stronger. Skip one day in each workout, e.g., Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, so that you give yourself 24 hr rest.


When handling beginner programs, all muscles of the body are targeted either multiple joints(push-ups) exercises or single joints( curl, biceps). Repeat these exercises 10 to 15 times.

When squatting, sit back such that your knees do not go past your toes. Between the wall and the small of your back, place an exercise ball, and squat while holding your hand’s weight.

When doing split squats and lunges, bend with both knees while one of your footsteps forward, forming 90 degrees. And move up and down several times.

  • Do a bridge by Pushing up through your heels with your hips, lie on your back, and engage your abs.
  • Do push-up by placing your hand under your shoulder, and your feet hip-width apart or do it on your knees against the wall, ensure that you keep abs tight.
  • Use a lightweight to do tricep extensions or bicep curls.

With bending your elbow slightly as you lift your hand away from you, do lateral shoulder raise and make sure that you donate hunch your shoulder.

How does the TESLAFormer treatment feel?

The treatment forces the increase in muscle volume and strength, following the relaxes and contraction with each magnetic pulse. When gaining muscles during treatment, you burn fat while your body experiences a natural form sculpt, and you will feel the sensation as if you are in the high intensive workout.

Is there any downtime?

After treatment, patients may experience no or little time since TESLAFormer is non-invasive in and out procedure. Patients are supposed to return to their routine after treatment since the treatment takes only 30 minutes.

Am I the right candidate for TESLAFormer?

Anyone can be a candidate for TESLAFormer provided you want to strengthen your muscles or to tone. For those people who maintain healthy lifestyles and relative fitness, the best results are seen from them.